8 most ideal destination to enjoy the sunset in Bali

Built on top of a huge rock surrounded by sea, Tanah Lot temple is one of the cultural icons and famous tourist destination of Bali. The temple is located 13km from the city of Tabanan southwest, is one of the main shrine of the temple sequence deities worshiped Bali. Thanks to its unique beauty and the sacred Tanah Lot temple which attracts a large number of tourists visit each year. Specifically, at the moment the sun sets, a vast sea front shrine suddenly became extremely brilliant orange by color, purple, red, pink, … looks very nice.

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Tanah Lot is one of the cultural icons and famous tourist destination of Bali. Photo: putubalitourguide.com


2.   The Rock Bar, Ayana Resort

CNN had been voted the best beachfront bar in the world, The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort attracts visitors by the beautiful scenery, the drinks and haute cuisine. Especially, from Thursday to Sunday every week, here also live music, serving martinis and Spanish cuisine.

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The Rock Bar CNN been voted the best beachfront bar world. Photo: beachbarbums.com

3.   Uluwatu temple

Town center lies about 50km from Kuta, Uluwatu temple is one of the oldest temples in Bali, is situated on rugged coastal cliffs. The temple was carved from black coral rock, located on the tip of the 76m high cliffs, overlooking the Java Sea. This is a very appropriate place for spectacular sunset over the sea.

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Uluwatu is one of the oldest temples in Bali, is situated on rugged coastal cliffs. Photo: putubalitourguide.com

4.   Kuta Beach

Owning fine white sand beaches and stunning natural landscapes, so no wonder Kuta is one of the most famous beaches in Bali. From the blue water jade color seemed silhouetted sky, endless white sands like silk carpets, marvelous scenery of dusk, until the coconut trees swaying under the wind, .. all like an offer visitors to Kuta.

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Kuta owned white sand beaches and stunning natural landscapes. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

5.   Jimbaran Bay

With so many resort offers 5-star beachfront, it is known as the “Beverly Hills of Bali”. You will have the opportunity to dine on the sandy beach in the sunset with the waves lapping at the foot stamping Hovers. In particular, the area near a small fishing village with seafood markets daily meeting so you can enjoy dishes prepared with fresh seafood is always available.

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Go to Jimbaran Bay you will have the opportunity to dine on the sandy beach in the sunset with the waves lapping at the foot stamping Hovers. Photo: Baligooglebook.com

6.   Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is paradise for those who love surfing. White sand beach stretches are surrounded by steep cliffs, with cafe countless local style coastal location is perfect for every traveler. Guests can swim, sunbathe, enjoy the sunset on the beach, participation in school surfing tour, and enjoy the scrumptious specialties Indonesia.

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Balangan beach with beautiful rocky beaches impressive. Photo: Flickr / Dale Allman

7.   Bias Tugal Beach

Bias Tugal Beach is a byword for beauty forgotten. To come with pristine beaches almost without people, visitors must pass 500m long rocky. Reward for guests upon arrival is stunning, especially at sunset with a clear blue waters lapping at white sand, where green palm trees silhouetted.

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Stunning, especially at sunset in Bias Tugal. Photo: bali-indonesia.com

8.   Nusa Lembongan Islands

Nusa Lembongan is the name of the beautiful green islands located near Bali, but Bali’s reputation has always been obscured. With 4km of white sand beaches and many submerged reefs in clear waters, Nusa Lembongan is extremely ideal where you can swim, sunbathe, while watching the sunset over the cliffs Devil’sTears and enjoy local service prices “comfortable” than the neighboring islands.

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Nusa Lembongan is a beautiful island located near the right Bali. Photo: Flickr.com

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Banh Khot Goc Vu Sua: top option for tourists

Tucked away down a bustling small street not far from the Vung Tau waterfront, local eatery Banh Khot Goc Vu Sua goes about its business as the area’s king of banh khot.

For those unfamiliar, banh khot are mini-sized rice cakes which are fried and served with fresh mustard leaves and herbs, as well as sweetened nuoc mam fish sauce for dipping. Intrinsic to the recipe are fresh shrimp, coconut milk and lettuce to wrap the little pancakes. This finger food to the extreme, and if this restaurant served anything else, no one was there to order it.

Nuoc mia, an iced sugarcane juice, went for roughly VND10,000 per glass and unsweetened ice tea was plentiful.

While a touch oily, these filling little snacks are synonymous with the area, and locals all swear by Banh Khot Goc Vu Sua as the top local option. Next time you’re in Vung Tau, give the pizzas and burgers a break and see what the locals are into; try some banh khot Vung Tau and you won’t regret it.

Banh Khot Goc Vu Sua is open daily from 7 a.m. at 4 Nguyen Truong To Street in Vung Tau.

Source: hanoitimes.com.vn
Link: http://hanoitimes.com.vn/travel/food/2014/06/81e07f36/banh-khot-goc-vu-sua-top-option-for-tourists/

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The sweet cake delicacy of Binh Dinh

Hong cake, which is made from sticky rice and sugar, originally had a milky white color but a cheery pink color was later added when the cake was used as one of the traditional wedding gifts presented to the bride’s family members.

The ingredient sticky rice must be fresh and of superior quality to ensure a characteristic chewy consistency and good taste for the cake, whose pink is produced by the flesh of gac (small red jackfruit-like gourd) and green by la dua (a kind of pandanus leaf).

The process of making hong cake is very simple. The sticky rice is soaked with warm water overnight before being ground into wet flour. Then, this flour is cooked and blended with boiling liquid sugar, and this mixture is poured into a square frame and pressed to form a large flat cake. The cake, whose ideal thickness is two or three centimeters, is finally cut into smaller pieces and wrapped in paper or banana leaves for later use.

Hong cake is a simple food delicacy. It is great to have it with a cup of hot tea in raining days.

Source: hanoitimes.com.vn
Link: http://hanoitimes.com.vn/travel/food/2014/10/81e08883/the-sweet-cake-delicacy-of-binh-dinh/

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Would you dare to join worm-eating challenge in Saigon? | Travel | Thanh Nien Daily


The challenge put forward by Bo Cap Lua Restaurant. Photo credit: Nguoi Lao Dong

More than 100 customers have taken up the gauntlet thrown down by a Ho Chi Minh City restaurant, which has offered VND1 million (US$47) to anyone willing to eat 20 deep-fried scorpions and five live coconut worms. 

The Bo Cap Lua (Fire Scorpion) Restaurant, which specializes in insects and reptiles, in Go Vap District launched the month-long challenge on March 1, Nguoi Lao Dong (Laborer) newspaper reported. 

Those aged 18 and above are invited to eat the scorpions and the worms in five minutes. Those aged below 18 can also take part in the challenge but they must be accompanied by a guardian. 

Daring customers who win the challenge will be awarded VND500,000 in cash and a restaurant voucher worth VND500,000. 

Those who fail must pay VND250,000. 

In the first 10 days of the challenge, only 10 among 100 contenders succeeded.

Pham Huu Nhat, who came here on Monday evening, said he was given a written contract in which the restaurant said customers can stop at any time if they do not feel well. Otherwise the restaurant will not take any responsibility for health problems. 

After he signed the contract, the service staff put a nicely decorated dish of deep-fried scorpions and a small bowl of fish sauce with soft, fatty and wriggling worms inside. 

Nhat said he suddenly felt terrified and wanted to give up, but the employees encouraged him to keep going. 

As the clock started ticking, Nhat quickly put the coconut worms into his mouth and finished eating them in just 30 seconds. 

He turned to the scorpions and ate them up in some minutes. 

The employees announced he had become the 10th customer to have won the challenge. 

Pham Quang Minh, the owner of the restaurant, said after the contest ended, similar challenges will be launched, and customers will be asked to eat lizard, cricket and spider. 

&Ldquo;We just want our customers to have fun,” he said. 

Anyone who would like to take the challenge can visit the restaurant at 17B Road 11, Ward 11, Go Vap District. 


A contender eats a deep-fried scorpion. Photo credit: Nguoi Lao Dong

A contender eats a raw coconut worm. Photo credit: Nguoi Lao Dong

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Da Nang sisters introduce Vietnamese cuisine to the world

VietNamNet Bridge – After four years of preparation, Ha Huyen founded the largest channel featuring Vietnamese food on YouTube, called Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food). It has had over 20 million hits, mostly from foreigners, on YouTube.



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Ha Huyen (left) and Ha Uyen learn how to make banh can (can cake) in Da Lat.



After years of study in Singapore, Germany, Japan, and Australia, the two sisters born in the central city of Da Nang, Le Ha Huyen (Helen Le, 30) and Le Ha Uyen (Summer, 26), decided to spend time promoting  the special dishes of Da Nang and other areas of Vietnam to international friends.

Ha Uyen is also the owner of the website danangcuisine.Com with about 20,000 hits per day.

While studying business administration at the University of Asia Pacific (Japan) in 2009, Ha Uyen was often asked by her foreign friends "What are Vietnam’s unique dishes?" and "What are the delicious dishes of Da Nang?"

At that time, there was almost no website in English about Vietnamese dishes. Ha Uyen emailed her sister – Ha Huyen – who was studying MSc at the University of Hamburg (Germany) to discuss the making of a website on Vietnamese food.

During her five years studying overseas, Ha Huyen was also asked similar questions by her friends. Therefore the two sisters decided to design a website promoting Vietnam cuisine, firstly the food of their hometown – Da Nang.

Ha Uyen, who has good English language skills, opened a blog, which became a website in 2011, writing comments about Da Nang’s cuisines and recommending popular restaurants, many of which did not even have a name, where these dishes were offered.

In 2011, Ha Huyen joined her sister by opening a YouTube channel, where she posts video clips guiding foreign viewers how to cook these dishes.

"Find the lost part of my life"

&Ldquo;We mainly process simple dishes so foreigners can cook them. But sometimes we make sophisticated dishes to make the show more interesting," Uyen said.

From early 2014, the sisters began earning advertising revenue from their channel and website. Previously they maintained these addresses with their own money.

Huyen and Uyen recalled the stories, which are the driving force for them to maintain their YouTube channel and website.

Adele Hoang Diep, a 16-year-old Vietnamese-born girl in the U.S. Who was adopted at birth, emailed Ha Huyen in 2012: "I feel like a part of my life is a secret. I had tried to find the relationship with my home country but I still could not find it. Fortunately, since I knew your channel.  I feel very comfortable like I’ve found the lost part of my life."

A Korean girl whose husband is a Vietnamese wrote to Huyen and Uyen: "The relationship between me and my mother-in-law was not good, perhaps due to cultural differences. But since I was guided by you to cook Vietnamese cuisine, the relationship between us has got better. We watched your video clips and cooked together. I feel the cultural differences can be resolved by dishes."

The sincere emails moved the sisters and became a driving force behind their desire to maintain their Youtube channel and website.

Da Nang tour and cookbook

Uyen has returned to Vietnam. Through the Internet, many more foreign tourists know about Uyen and Huyen. To increase interaction with the viewers and to have money to maintain their channel, Uyen has offered a tour to Da Nang to enjoy the city’s special cuisine.

After work, Uyen takes foreign visitors to sidewalk restaurants in Da Nang. "My mission is not to make diners think the food is so delicious but to understand the interesting story behind the dishes," Uyen said.

Recently, an Australian visitor showed Uyen newspaper articles that had included the addresses of restaurants in Da Nang. He said: "I come to Da Nang very often and it is not difficult to find these restaurants but I would like to hear stories about Vietnamese cuisine from you".

Uyen took the Australian man to a sidewalk restaurant that served steamed glutinous rice  and chicken and told him the story behind the cuisine: the Vietnamese always honor the ancestors and they offer steamed glutinous rice and chicken to their ancestors. Uyen also told foreign visitors about the stories behind other dishes like banh beo, banh chen, banh nam and others.

Uyen said she had to read a lot of books and meet with older people to listen to their stories about Vietnamese food.

Ha Huyen works in Germany but every year she spends all of her holiday in Vietnam to film Vietnamese food. Ha Huyen is now in Vietnam to prepare materials for a guidebook for foreigners on Vietnamese cuisine.

Huyen said: "I want to attract international friends to Vietnam by helping them understand the food of Da Nang and Vietnam".

T. Van



A sophisticated cuisine, simply served – Restaurant Review – VietNam News

A sophisticated cuisine, simply served

Quickly popular: Bun Bo Ganh restaurant, which specialises in Hue cuisine, has only been open for several weeks, but has already attracted a regular clientele.

Reasonable prices, tasty dishes, good service and a prime location accounts for the rapid rise in popularity of the newly opened Bun Bo Ganh restaurant in HCM City list, reports Xuan Hiep

The former royal city of Hue in the central province of Thua Thien – Hue is noted for its rich cultural traditions, serene landscape and charming people, but few people outside Viet Nam are aware of its distinctive cuisine, considered by some to be one of the most sophisticated in the country.

Bun bo Hue (beef-rice vermicelli soup Hue style) is undoubtedly the most well-known local product and is served not only in the central region but also in every corner of the country. But, many other Hue dishes, like banh beo chen (steamed rice cakes in small cups) and banh bot loc nhan tom thit (shrimp and pork rice dumplings), are also regularly featured on menus that specialise in the city's highly respected cuisine.

Opened only a few weeks ago, the Bun Bo Ganh restaurant in downtown HCM City has already lured a regular clientele, especially from 11:30am to 1:30pm when staff from office buildings nearby come for lunch.

Generous serving: A server prepares a hot bowl of bun bo Hue, a specialty of Hue and the main dish of the restaurant.

Located on a prime location on Ho Tung Mau Street in District 1, only a few minutes walk from the 68-storey Bitexco Financial Tower, the city's tallest building, the two-storey restaurant is easy to find.

When my friend and I entered the restaurant last week, we discovered an old French colonial building that had once housed nearly 50 families.

The ground floor had been partitioned into three spaces, one of which housed the restaurant's downstairs area. Upstairs, where we decided to dine, was an airy, large al fresco area covering the entire first floor, surrounded by leafy trees and potted plants.

On the walls were photos of Sai Gon and Hue in the old days, inspiring diners, both local and foreign, to learn more about the country's history and people.

The dark bamboo tables and chairs were simply designed, which added to the cosy, comfortable atmosphere.

Nguyen Vu Quynh Anh, 29, the restaurant's owner, told me that she and her husband have a great passion for food and hospitality.

From 2002 to 2006, when they were students, they worked at the famous Nha Hang Ngon (Delicious Restaurant) and learned a great deal about gastronomy and customer services.

Then in 2012, they opened their first restaurant on Ly Chinh Thang Street in District 3.

Accompaniments: Bun bo Hue is served with sides like bean sprouts, shredded banana flowers, chilli, limes and basil leaves. &Mdash; VNS Photos Xuan Hiep

Anh, who is also the chef, said that bun bo Hue is the restaurant's main dish. Though famous as a specialty of Hue, it is popular throughout the country.

"Of course, we need to adjust the taste so that it can satisfy the taste of people in the south and north," Anh said.

Ingredients for the dish are imported from the central region to ensure authenticity.

Unlike the traditional and more famous pho soup from Ha Noi, bun bo Hue is more pungent, with lemongrass and a bit of shrimp paste.

My foreign friends, especially Westerners, dislike the smell of shrimp paste, but only a tiny amount of shrimp paste is needed to enhance the dish.

Bun Bo Ganh Restaurant

Add: 88 Ho Tung Mau, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City

Tel: 08 – 66844446

Opening hours: 6:30am-10pm

Price range: VND22,000 – 39,000 (US$1-2)

Comment: tasty Hue cuisine in an old French colonial building in downtown HCM City. Attentive staff, affordable prices.

The Hue style beef vermicelli soup is served with sides like bean sprouts, shredded banana flower, chilli, line and basil.

To make the broth, cooks use pork or beef, and lemongrass is crushed and put into boiling water, which enhances the flavour and aroma.

The menu, in Vietnamese and English, includes a variety of Hue traditional cakes, each of which costs VND22,000 (US$1). To sample a variety of these small dishes, I recommend a mixed plate for only VND36,000 ($1.5).

The restaurant also offers sweet Hue soups, served either hot or cold, for only VND13,000.

For our lunch, we ordered a bowl of bun bo Hue for VND39,000 and che suong sa hat luu (agar-agar with pomegranate seeds) for VND13,000 each.

There were other sweet soups we would have loved to try, but because we were already full, we decided to save it for our next visit.

Instead, we ended on a refreshing note, with iced green tea, spiced with fresh ginger.

A staff of 15, many of whom can speak English, offered excellent customer service, which nicely complemented what was an already highly satisfying afternoon. &Mdash; VNS

Nguồn: vietnamnews.Feedsportal.Com

Link: http://vietnamnews.Feedsportal.Com/c/35237/f/655043/s/43312864/sc/10/l/0lvietnamnews0bvn0csunday0crestaurant0ereview0c26630a90ca0esophisticated0ecuisine0esimply0eserved0bhtml/story01.Htm

Pizza Cones points to global integration – Restaurant Review – VietNam News

Pizza Cones points to global integration

Quick and cheesy:Pizza cones are available in flavours like seafood and chicken mushroom.

For diners who feel that previous pizzas fell flat, this Vietnamese fast food franchise offers a convenient solution. Annalise Frank reports.

When Le Thi Bich and her husband Nguyen Chi Nghiem travelled to Taiwan, they came upon a fast food restaurant serving pizza cones.

"Taiwanese flavours are very strong," said Bich, 31. "They only had one flavour: Chicken and cucumber. But it had a lot of spices."

Bich and Nghiem "loved" the fast-food pizza adaptation and decided to bring it back to Viet Nam – but they changed the spices to suit Vietnamese tastes.

The couple has two children and wanted an opportunity to build a family business in the restaurant sector. This was their chance.

The trend of making pizzas in cone form caught on in Europe and the US more than a year ago, and has spread to a few Asian countries. But Pizza Cones was the first to introduce it to Viet Nam, Nghiem said.

The couple opened their first restaurant last March in Ha Noi and has since expanded to eight locations, including four in Ha Noi, one in Ha Long City and one in HCM City run by Nghiem's brother, Nguyen Chi Nghia, 38.

Tea and fries: Diners can pair their cones with French fries or sweet tea.

Pizza cones are generally made by hand in Italy, Nghiem said. It takes about an hour. But Taiwan's adaptation, using a machine, shapes the dough in 17 seconds. Pizza Cones uses similar machines.

"Around the world, pizza has been known as a slow food, but we changed the concept, made it fast – fast like KFC or something," said Nghia, who was up in Ha Noi for a visit.

After the speedy dough-shaping process, Bich and Nghiem stuff the pizza ingredients in and bake the cones for 5 to 7 minutes. Served in a wrapper on a plastic stand, the cones were hot, dripping with cheese and ready to be eaten on the go. I visited the original restaurant, a small, purple-and-green hole-in-the-wall in Hai Ba Trung District.

Waffle dogs: These "waffles"contain hot dogs.

I chose the chicken mushroom sauce pizza cone and my friend had the seafood pizza cone – both customers' favourites, according to Nghia.

The first bite started with crunchy crust and ended with a mouthful of chicken, mushroom, mozzarella and a white alfredo-style sauce. That was my favourite bite. The cone was crispy, and the cheese on top was bubbling and brown.

The ingredients tasted fresh. The product was plain, devoid of any complex flavours, but in that satisfying, warm, comforting way – like a plain croissant or a grilled cheese.

My cone paired well with the restaurant's most popular drink, a fruity hong tra (pink tea) that goes for VND19,000 (US$0.9) and is actually pretty orange. It's the classic sweet and salty combo, reminiscent of grabbing pizza and a Coca-Cola at a bowling alley or diner back in the US. The French fries also tasted like standard diner fare.

Pizza Cones

Address: 148b Bui Thi Xuan, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Tel: 093 680 06 55

Price Range: VND50,000-65,000

Comment: Name says it all

The family-run business opens at 9am and closes at 11pm.

In addition to pizza cones (VND29,000 each), they also serve hot dogs wrapped in waffle cones (VND19,000), spaghetti (VND39,000), several variations on fried chicken and French fries (VND15,000-25,000) and salads (VND19,000-29,000).

Pizza Cones started serving their waffle-wrapped hot dogs, a strange but oddly fitting addition to the menu, six months ago. Nghiem and his wife wanted a new, exciting product to bring in more customers.

"In Ha Noi they really like French food," Nghia said.

"So they (the couple) went to search for a new product and found the ice cream cone hot dog."

Then, around Christmas, Pizza Cones debuted a new line of sandwiches, called Bear Paws, made with bear-paw-shaped wheat and rice flour buns. Customers can choose their bun flavour – plain, chocolate or green tea – and their fillings – beef, chicken or fish. &Mdash; VNS

Nguồn: vietnamnews.Feedsportal.Com

Link: http://vietnamnews.Feedsportal.Com/c/35237/f/655043/s/42eaab86/sc/1/l/0lvietnamnews0bvn0csunday0crestaurant0ereview0c2659440cpizza0econes0epoints0eto0eglobal0eintegration0bhtml/story01.Htm