Typical festivals in Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, you will realize that the festivals of Myanmar people are often attached with the Buddhism. Today, we would like to travel with you to discover the typical festivals in the country of the Buddhism. Let’s travel!

Myanmar’s traditional music festival


When traveling to Myanmar, tourists will enjoy typical traditional music with traditional band: drum, bamboo bell and Hne and flute. A big drum has 21 pieces and the small one has 9. The Gong consists 9 pieces. Sometimes, they will use a quadrangular gong, consisting a set of gongs hung on rectangular frame with some circular ones. In the folk music, Saung-gauk is the most typical music instrument of Myanmar. Saung-gauk is boat-shaped and used for the ancient songs

Traveling to Myanmar – the country of the Buddhism, tourists will be impressed by the folk music with unique Myanmar’s traditional dances. The dancing art originates from the Buddhism era when Nat worshipping was always accompanied with dances that requires the performers do the difficult steps for dancing like doing the . In addition, Myanmar dances are very polite and elegant as the male dancers rarely touch the female dancers while dancing

Phaung Daw U festival


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One of the most important and popular festival in Myanmar is Phaung Daw U festival in Shan province. It is held in the late September or the beginning of October to show the gratitude and respect to the Buddha

Traveling to Myanmar to participate in Phaung Daw U festival, tourists will see that in the festival, there are a lot of colorful boats parading from the village to another around Inle Lake. In which, the most noticeable one is golden bird-shaped boat, symbolizing for Myanmar mysterious legend thần thoại. Inside the boat, it carries 5 small Buddha statues of famous Phaung Daw U pagoda

Phaung Daw U festival lasts 18 days and ends in the middle October after the journey on the lake. This time is in the late rainy season so the weather is very cool and ideal for tourists who want to take part in the festival as well as discover the interesting life of locals around Inle Lake

If you are a experience lover, please travel to Myanmar and discover the traditional festivals in the country of Buddhism and golden pagodas.

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Eating in Myanmar

Being called as an emerging destination for tourism in Southeast Asians, Myanmar attracts visitors by its culture and wild landscape. To discover the food culture is also indispensable thing for Myanmar itineraries.

1. Tea leave salad

One of the most famous dishes of Myanmar people is lepehet, which is also known as fermented tea leave. Myanmar people use the fermented tea leaves to make a famous salad with sliced cabbages, tomatoes, beans, chestnuts, garlics and chilis. The sour and bitter tastes of tea leaves are well mixed with the sweet and fleshy of the nut. The tea leave salad is a perfect dish for snack or appetizer.

2. Rice cooked with Shan style


Also being known as nga htamin (fish rice), rice cooked by Shan people (the most popular group in Myanmar) is the mixture of rice with turmeric and a piece of fresh water fish. The fish is cooked with garlic, then shredded to small pieces and added to the well-cooked rice with turmeric to make a perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

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3. Myanmar curry

In Myanmar, curry is not only curry! A meal of curry in Myanma always includes curry and other dishes. Visitors can choose among chicken curry, pork curry, shrimp curry and beef curry to eat with salad, stirred vegetables or soup. The traditional meal can be found in Myanmar itineraries.

4. Sweet snacks


In Myanmar, sweet snacks are so popular that local people eat them while drinking tea in every morning and afternoon meal. Being different from in other countries, people in Myanmar use coconut, coconut milk, fruits and rice flour instead sugar to make their sweet snack typical taste.

5. Fried snacks

Visitors can find fried snacks sold in every street in Yangon City. Myanmar people are addicted to the snacks those are fried in oil. Besides some sweet cakes, visitors can try vegetable rolls, fried breads and other delicious food sold by street vendors or small trucks.

6. Noodle cooked by Shan style


Shan people do not only famous by rice dish but also some dishes of noodle. The typical noodle is a perfect combination of a kind of thin and flat rice noodle, chicken soup, pork. roasted sesame and garlic. Visitors can eat the noodle with fermented vegetable and the sour taste of the vegetable makes the dish more attractive. The noodle is listed as the most tasty dish in Myanmar by many international visitors.

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Discover Truc Lam Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Zen Monastery is on the Phung Hoang mountain (Phoenix mountain) towards charming Truyen Lam lake. This is one of the famous tourist attractions in Dalat city with the highest number of tourists.


The road to Truc Lam Zen Monastery is extremely special because tourists have to go through the most beautiful palace in Dalat, which is Bao Dai palace.


Truc Lam Zen Monastery is one of three largest monasteries in Vietnam with the area of 30ha. From the Monastery, it just takes tourists about 5km to go to the center of Dalat city. The two sides of the monastery is surrounded by the immense pine forests.

Legend about the Monastery

One night in 1986, when sleeping soundly, the Buddhist monk Thich Thanh Tu dreamed that he was embracing the neck of phoenix to fly up to the sky. After waking up, he immediately thought of Dalat with the cool climate around the year, beautiful landscapes and quiet lakes. Therefore, he said that if building a monastery in Dalat, they will soon get achievement in sitting in meditation. Then, he draw the overview of the monastery and go find for the suitable one. When going to Tuyen Lam lake, he felt so satisfied that he carried out the procedures of land ownership certificate to build the monastery.


Truc Lam Zen Monastery was built on April 8, 1993. Until February 8, 1994, it was completed and opened the first meditation course. Who designs the monastery are Vu Xuan Hung, Tran Duc Loc and famous architect Ngo Viet Thu designing Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh city.

Four main areas in the Monastery

  • The meditation area of the monk
  • The area of Venerable Abbot
  • The exteral area of the Monastery
  • The internal areas of the monk and the nun

If tourists are sightseeing Tuyen Lam lake, they can walk up to the slope of 140 stone steps and go through three gates to visit the main hall.

Main hall of Truc Lam Zen Monastery has the area of 192m2. Inside the main hall is the statue of Buddha Shakya thub-pa (also called Gau-ta-ma) which is 2m in height. The right right hand of teh statue is holding a branch of lotus. When looking at this Buddha statue, many tourists surely think of the giant statue of Van Hanh Zen Monastery.


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Above the main hall is the sophisticatedly carved reliefs about 8 gestures of Buddha. In the left side of the  statue of Buddha Shakya thub-pa is the statue of Boddhisattva of Universal Knowledge sitting on 6-ivory white elephant and the right side is statue of Mañjughoṣa sitting on the green lion.


After leaving the main hall, tourists can visit the beautiful flower garden to take some photos as a unforgettable memory. Then, tourists will go to Tinh Tam lake where there are a variety of turtles. Moreover, around the lake, there are many stone benches for tourists to sit and take a rest.


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7 Inquiries most frequently when traveling

1. Should ticket booking in advance how long? Huffington Post said, basically, there is no fixed time to book the cheapest tickets, but there are times you can buy discounted tickets.
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By Christopher Elliott journalists, travelers should purchase airline tickets at least 2-3 weeks for both domestic flights and international.Absolutely not buy a plane ticket for 24 hours before flying. Buy tickets early or late so too are not at good prices because the airlines often to the fare at the highest level when announcing 300-320 days before flying.George Hobica, founder of Airfarewatchdog page, recommend that visitors should make notice of fare on email to get information about a sale of the company. Photo: Popsugar.

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2. Place your hotel before how long American Hotel Association advises travelers should book as soon as key tourist hotel for the trip, especially if you travel with family or with special requirements on rooms. However, bookings at the last minute sometimes bring a discount for guests. Photo: Skift.

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3. If the flight is canceled, the first thing to do is what? The tourists need to do immediately is to the ticket counter to pick the solution. While waiting in line, you can call the airline for customer service department for help. You can also contact the company via social networking channels such as Twitter. Photo: Skift.

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4. Should tours when? No is the best time for this, but it’s just a gimmick. Prices generally unchanged at different times during the week, and if savings are also ranges from 5-15 USD. So experts say, you should only buy when you’re ready to fly tour. Photo: twirltheglobe.

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5. How to apply for a visa? Before applying, you should learn about the country’s visa regulations to, for example, countries that require a visa or not, are usually granted for a period of long, specific requirements What is the application … You can also call the consulate or make an appointment for guidance on filing by mail or to come directly. Visa fees also vary by country. Some countries have many consulates, charge for each geographic region. So you should determine your correct consulate need. Photo: LHCP.

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6. When will need travel insurance? Experts suggest that investment in travel insurance is necessary for the trip from $ 5,000 upwards. Other factors such as limited special health should also be considered. If your health situation may lead to the trip cancellation insurance, the health will be a wise investment. However, if travel insurance do you feel secure about the trip, please buy it. Photo: veteranstodaymoney.

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7. What to do if the luggage is delayed? In case you arrive at the airport but have yet to baggage carousel, please immediately notify airline personnel. Each carrier has a service desk located in the baggage claim area, staff will help you investigate luggage numbers and make the statement. If you need to buy a few essential items missed by luggage, remember to keep the receipt for payment to the airline. If you buy a plane ticket with a credit card, contact your credit card company to check if your lost luggage have been paid or not. Photo: Telegraph.

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The charm of women through the Thai wind Pieu towels

The Pieu towel is a traditional beauty of the customes in particular and culture of the Thai people in general. The Pieu towel was appeared in poems, songs as a nice symbol reflecting the charm of the Thai women.

“Pieu” means head scarf in Thai language. The White Thai wear square towel while the Black Thai wear Pieu. In other words, Pieu towel is unique feature of the Black Thai customes. The Pieu have different types depending on each locality: some are embroidered by colored thread, some are cotton fabric dyed indigo

 The charm of woman through the Thai wind Pieu towel

Origin of the Pieu towel

The origine of the Thai women wind Pieu towel is attached with a legend. Formerly, there is a village with full of women living together. Any man who came over was killed. One day, a woman went to the forest and met a man in another village, they lived together and had a son. When the son grew up and witnessed unreasonable life of the “ Mother village”, he mobilized the forces of “Father village” to attack the “mother village”. The “mother village was failure and promised to live in peace. Since then , the women in the village often wear towel with the sign of printed finger, called “cut”

The Thai woman embroidering the Pieu

Beauty of the Pieu towel


The Pieu towel of the Thai women is made of cotton. The cloth is dyed with indigo until it becomes dark blue. The Thai women don’t embroider the towel from the right side, they use the techniques to embroider from the left side to highlight the patterns on the right side. The patterns of the Pieu are quite complicated that requires ingenuity and exact thinking. The Thai women need to start from middle pattern, then surrounding motifs and finally they append “cut pieu”, “ cop pieu” and “ hu pieu” to highlight the motifs.


“ Cop pieu” is a colored strip of fabric ( usually red) is embroidered four corners and two edges of the towel. “Hu pieu” is tied from the small strip of “cop pieu”. “ Hu pieu” looks like a flower with three petals. “Cut pieu” is made from a piece of red cloth, wrapped with the core of thread inside, curled under the helical shape. “ Cut pieu” is arranged in odd clusters.

Pieu towel are embroidered from left side with beautiful patterns abd “cut pieu”, “cop pieu”, “hu pieu”


The Pieu towel not only helps cover the head under the sun and prevent wind from cold winter but also is an important ornament of the Thai women in daily life, especially in festival days. Moreover, the Pieu is aslo the symbol of love, the bridge for the love of couples. The girls often give the boys the most beautiful Pieu towel to express their affection. In the Thai’s weddings, the Pieu towel is precious gifts the daughter-in-law give the parents and siblings of her husband. The Thai women learn how to embroider the Pieu since they are young. The Pieu towel is one of criteria to assest the virtues of the Thai girls.

The Pieu towel plays an important role in the Thai people’s life

The Thai wind Pieu towel brings not only the aesthetic value but also social value. This is unique culture of the Black Thai’s life that leaves deep impressions on both domestic and foreign tourists.


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10 night tour most attractive world

As nightfall does not mean that you will have to stay indoors and wait until morning can go and visit every place, because this is the period for appealing the night tour.

Cable car over mountain Whistler

Whistler mountain is located in the town of the same name, in the state of British Columbia is Canada’s popular destinations. At night, tourists can participate in tours to the cable car crossing snow white peaks and dinner at an altitude of over 1,800m. Price for a person of this tour is 199 USD. The time of the tour from mid-October to mid-April next year.


Admire the beauty of the ruins in Petra

Situated in the desert south of Jordan, ruins Petra is a work admirable architecture, made from sandstone and finely carved. This magnificent citadel during the day and becomes vibrant at night with hundreds of candles are illuminated. To have the opportunity to admire the magical scenery, you can join the tour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 20h dark. Admission price is 17 USD.

View wildlife in South Africa

Participation in this tour, visitors will be the pillion tour guide and go into areas where wild animals live. You will have the opportunity to watch elephants, rhinos and other animals travel by real eye. This tour usually starts at 17h -18h pm, ticket price per person is $ 20.

Explore Granada, Spain at night

With a history of 2,500 years, the city at the foot of the Sierra mountain range is where interferometry Nevade of unique cultures of the Moors, Jews, Arabs, Romans. Join the night tour visitors will be visited Albayzin – a complex consisting of many buildings bearing ancient Arabian style. In addition, visitors can also take a climb at night in order to watch the city from above. End trip destination is usually a bar. Each tour lasts three hours, usually beginning at 18h if the winter and 20:30 if the summer. Ticket prices for this tour is 27 dollars.

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Living in the world Thousand and One Nights in Dubai

One popular tour guests to Dubai was visiting the desert. One such tour includes dinner between the desert, enjoy the belly dance of the indigenous people under thousands of stars, camel …

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Swimming with stingrays in Hawaii

Waters off the Big Island in Hawaii is known for a special tour: swimming with manta rays – a marine species with strange shapes. This tour usually begins at sundown, though in sub-sea water never goes black. The travel company will also equip you shine a flashlight to see these underwater creatures. Tourists are also protected by skilled divers – who will rescue you in time when encountering a problem. Price for a snorkelling tour is about 99 USD.

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Visiting the bioluminescent bay

Bay Mosquito (Mosquito Bay) on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico is known for its ability rarely seen bioluminescent. It is home to tiny creatures fluorescent brightening the bay at night with streaks of blue phosphorescence. You can rent kayaks to the bay on a moonless night if you want to admire this interesting phenomenon. Ticket price for adults $ 45, children are $ 22.5.

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Immerse yourself in the magical night in Costa Rica

As a country famous for owning wild fauna richness, diversity, Costa Rica has many destinations for example the night tour. Guests can take a tour on the river at dusk to listen to insects, the sound of jungle and watching monkeys climb trees or tour Thoan walk into a private sanctuary – where a variety of birds, frogs … live. The price is about 60 dollars for a rafting tour and 37 USD for walking tours.

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Visiting the most notorious prisons America

For nearly 30 years, Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay is home of one of the prison with the most stringent security and America. One of the most famous prisoner in this “Godfather” Al Capone. It became “legendary prison” and the inspiration for many crime drama, thriller and horror of Hollywood. Many travelers said the prison tour pretty scary at night. Every night there are only about 700 guests were present to visit, much less than the number of tourists during the daytime 5000-6000. Admission fee is 37 USD.

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Lost in Jurassic park in Singapore

Besides Singapore zoo covers approximately 280,000 m2 is a separate zoo, which is home to over 2,500 species of nocturnal creatures. Participation in this tour, visitors will be guided transported on a large electric car, visiting the area in the park. Tour open year-round, usually starting at 19:30 pm, ticket price is 39 USD for adults and $ 25 children.

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