Eating in Myanmar

Being called as an emerging destination for tourism in Southeast Asians, Myanmar attracts visitors by its culture and wild landscape. To discover the food culture is also indispensable thing for Myanmar itineraries.

1. Tea leave salad

One of the most famous dishes of Myanmar people is lepehet, which is also known as fermented tea leave. Myanmar people use the fermented tea leaves to make a famous salad with sliced cabbages, tomatoes, beans, chestnuts, garlics and chilis. The sour and bitter tastes of tea leaves are well mixed with the sweet and fleshy of the nut. The tea leave salad is a perfect dish for snack or appetizer.

2. Rice cooked with Shan style


Also being known as nga htamin (fish rice), rice cooked by Shan people (the most popular group in Myanmar) is the mixture of rice with turmeric and a piece of fresh water fish. The fish is cooked with garlic, then shredded to small pieces and added to the well-cooked rice with turmeric to make a perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

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3. Myanmar curry

In Myanmar, curry is not only curry! A meal of curry in Myanma always includes curry and other dishes. Visitors can choose among chicken curry, pork curry, shrimp curry and beef curry to eat with salad, stirred vegetables or soup. The traditional meal can be found in Myanmar itineraries.

4. Sweet snacks


In Myanmar, sweet snacks are so popular that local people eat them while drinking tea in every morning and afternoon meal. Being different from in other countries, people in Myanmar use coconut, coconut milk, fruits and rice flour instead sugar to make their sweet snack typical taste.

5. Fried snacks

Visitors can find fried snacks sold in every street in Yangon City. Myanmar people are addicted to the snacks those are fried in oil. Besides some sweet cakes, visitors can try vegetable rolls, fried breads and other delicious food sold by street vendors or small trucks.

6. Noodle cooked by Shan style


Shan people do not only famous by rice dish but also some dishes of noodle. The typical noodle is a perfect combination of a kind of thin and flat rice noodle, chicken soup, pork. roasted sesame and garlic. Visitors can eat the noodle with fermented vegetable and the sour taste of the vegetable makes the dish more attractive. The noodle is listed as the most tasty dish in Myanmar by many international visitors.

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