The charm of women through the Thai wind Pieu towels

The Pieu towel is a traditional beauty of the customes in particular and culture of the Thai people in general. The Pieu towel was appeared in poems, songs as a nice symbol reflecting the charm of the Thai women.

“Pieu” means head scarf in Thai language. The White Thai wear square towel while the Black Thai wear Pieu. In other words, Pieu towel is unique feature of the Black Thai customes. The Pieu have different types depending on each locality: some are embroidered by colored thread, some are cotton fabric dyed indigo

 The charm of woman through the Thai wind Pieu towel

Origin of the Pieu towel

The origine of the Thai women wind Pieu towel is attached with a legend. Formerly, there is a village with full of women living together. Any man who came over was killed. One day, a woman went to the forest and met a man in another village, they lived together and had a son. When the son grew up and witnessed unreasonable life of the “ Mother village”, he mobilized the forces of “Father village” to attack the “mother village”. The “mother village was failure and promised to live in peace. Since then , the women in the village often wear towel with the sign of printed finger, called “cut”

The Thai woman embroidering the Pieu

Beauty of the Pieu towel


The Pieu towel of the Thai women is made of cotton. The cloth is dyed with indigo until it becomes dark blue. The Thai women don’t embroider the towel from the right side, they use the techniques to embroider from the left side to highlight the patterns on the right side. The patterns of the Pieu are quite complicated that requires ingenuity and exact thinking. The Thai women need to start from middle pattern, then surrounding motifs and finally they append “cut pieu”, “ cop pieu” and “ hu pieu” to highlight the motifs.


“ Cop pieu” is a colored strip of fabric ( usually red) is embroidered four corners and two edges of the towel. “Hu pieu” is tied from the small strip of “cop pieu”. “ Hu pieu” looks like a flower with three petals. “Cut pieu” is made from a piece of red cloth, wrapped with the core of thread inside, curled under the helical shape. “ Cut pieu” is arranged in odd clusters.

Pieu towel are embroidered from left side with beautiful patterns abd “cut pieu”, “cop pieu”, “hu pieu”


The Pieu towel not only helps cover the head under the sun and prevent wind from cold winter but also is an important ornament of the Thai women in daily life, especially in festival days. Moreover, the Pieu is aslo the symbol of love, the bridge for the love of couples. The girls often give the boys the most beautiful Pieu towel to express their affection. In the Thai’s weddings, the Pieu towel is precious gifts the daughter-in-law give the parents and siblings of her husband. The Thai women learn how to embroider the Pieu since they are young. The Pieu towel is one of criteria to assest the virtues of the Thai girls.

The Pieu towel plays an important role in the Thai people’s life

The Thai wind Pieu towel brings not only the aesthetic value but also social value. This is unique culture of the Black Thai’s life that leaves deep impressions on both domestic and foreign tourists.


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