Typical festivals in Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, you will realize that the festivals of Myanmar people are often attached with the Buddhism. Today, we would like to travel with you to discover the typical festivals in the country of the Buddhism. Let’s travel!

Myanmar’s traditional music festival


When traveling to Myanmar, tourists will enjoy typical traditional music with traditional band: drum, bamboo bell and Hne and flute. A big drum has 21 pieces and the small one has 9. The Gong consists 9 pieces. Sometimes, they will use a quadrangular gong, consisting a set of gongs hung on rectangular frame with some circular ones. In the folk music, Saung-gauk is the most typical music instrument of Myanmar. Saung-gauk is boat-shaped and used for the ancient songs

Traveling to Myanmar – the country of the Buddhism, tourists will be impressed by the folk music with unique Myanmar’s traditional dances. The dancing art originates from the Buddhism era when Nat worshipping was always accompanied with dances that requires the performers do the difficult steps for dancing like doing the . In addition, Myanmar dances are very polite and elegant as the male dancers rarely touch the female dancers while dancing

Phaung Daw U festival


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One of the most important and popular festival in Myanmar is Phaung Daw U festival in Shan province. It is held in the late September or the beginning of October to show the gratitude and respect to the Buddha

Traveling to Myanmar to participate in Phaung Daw U festival, tourists will see that in the festival, there are a lot of colorful boats parading from the village to another around Inle Lake. In which, the most noticeable one is golden bird-shaped boat, symbolizing for Myanmar mysterious legend thần thoại. Inside the boat, it carries 5 small Buddha statues of famous Phaung Daw U pagoda

Phaung Daw U festival lasts 18 days and ends in the middle October after the journey on the lake. This time is in the late rainy season so the weather is very cool and ideal for tourists who want to take part in the festival as well as discover the interesting life of locals around Inle Lake

If you are a experience lover, please travel to Myanmar and discover the traditional festivals in the country of Buddhism and golden pagodas.

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