Traveling to many regions and bathing in hot springs of other places in whole country but the place which makes tourists most satisfied is Mong village with its exciting hot spring in Hua La commune. Here visitors not only immerse themselves in hot spring but also enjoy traditional dishes of ethnic groups in Vietnamese Northwest.

The potential of tourism service

No one can know when the hot spring of Mong village appears, just know that local people used this water resource in daily life long time ago when Mong village was established. The hot spring is a tourism destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Local people officially began to exploit in form of tourism service in 1997. The spring has temperature of 38 degree. With physic-chemical properties and composition of mineral nature the hot spring has been effective in treating some skin diseases, rheumatism, nervous system…

Nowadays with sensible exploitation this area has become an attractive destination for all tourists. Alongside the road of this area there has 16 households in hot spring business. Their houses on stilts are built following traditional architecture of Thai ethnic group in Northwestern region. Bathrooms are also designed and decorated sensibly to attract increasingly crossing tourists. Here they can sightsee, enjoy traditional culture of Thai ethnic or go shopping handicrafts items. In addition, they can enjoy specific dances of Thai ethnic girls.

Many people consider that the pleasure of this hot spring is in water temperature which changes following season. In the summer water temperature is softer hot. On other hand, in the winter the temperature is such hot that visitors cannot feel the cold winter. In addition, they also like the beauty of ethnic culture, dedicated service of local people here. These make tourists feel like at home.

Specific culture in Mong village

After fresh feeling with good spirit, tourists continue to enjoy traditional dances around flickering firelight under houses on stilts or traditional dishes such as fried chicken. This dish is cooked carefully by Thai ethnic women. Next, visitors will eat smoked meat with typically tasty spices of Thai ethnic. With these typical dishes, everyone can enjoy grilled bamboo-tube rice.

Throughout Northwestern region, no one does not know a unique sauce made from fried salt, grilled chili, garlic and other herbs. This is the only special sauce which only Thai ethnic people have. It is used with several dishes from chicken, fish, bamboo shoot or sticky rice…

Local people are very friendly and hospitable when they serve tourists. They always make close environment for visitors.

The unique combination of bathing in hot spring and enjoying traditional culture of Thai ethnic group, Mong village really becomes an attractive destination which is not ignored when tourists travel to Son La. Stress, tiredness in work, study or a long journey would be disappeared when tourists immerse themselves in hot spring. Not only having moment of relaxation, but also enjoying traditional dances or typical dishes of Thai ethnic. There is nothing more exciting for a journey.

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