Jamie Grettum Nugget trainer since 2017

Jamie Grettum | Nugget Trainer since 2017

Jamie Grettum brings a wealth of Salesforce training experience to CBT Nuggets, having spent more than 15 years as a virtual trainer for live synchronous and asynchronous learning sessions. Her Salesforce expertise is highly sought after, and she has been a speaker multiple times at Dreamforce. She’s also known for her consulting work, especially in regard to managing and working with remote teams. When Jamie is not creating training videos, she enjoys cooking, reading, napping with her cats, going on road trips, and listening to podcasts.

Certifications: Salesforce Administrator

Areas of Expertise: Trainer for Salesforce Admins certification prep for Salesforce Sales Cloud (Classic and Lightning), Change Management, Business Analysis, Salesforce end users, and Technology Adoption Strategies.