7 Inquiries most frequently when traveling

1. Should ticket booking in advance how long? Huffington Post said, basically, there is no fixed time to book the cheapest tickets, but there are times you can buy discounted tickets.
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By Christopher Elliott journalists, travelers should purchase airline tickets at least 2-3 weeks for both domestic flights and international.Absolutely not buy a plane ticket for 24 hours before flying. Buy tickets early or late so too are not at good prices because the airlines often to the fare at the highest level when announcing 300-320 days before flying.George Hobica, founder of Airfarewatchdog page, recommend that visitors should make notice of fare on email to get information about a sale of the company. Photo: Popsugar.

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2. Place your hotel before how long American Hotel Association advises travelers should book as soon as key tourist hotel for the trip, especially if you travel with family or with special requirements on rooms. However, bookings at the last minute sometimes bring a discount for guests. Photo: Skift.

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3. If the flight is canceled, the first thing to do is what? The tourists need to do immediately is to the ticket counter to pick the solution. While waiting in line, you can call the airline for customer service department for help. You can also contact the company via social networking channels such as Twitter. Photo: Skift.

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4. Should tours when? No is the best time for this, but it’s just a gimmick. Prices generally unchanged at different times during the week, and if savings are also ranges from 5-15 USD. So experts say, you should only buy when you’re ready to fly tour. Photo: twirltheglobe.

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5. How to apply for a visa? Before applying, you should learn about the country’s visa regulations to, for example, countries that require a visa or not, are usually granted for a period of long, specific requirements What is the application … You can also call the consulate or make an appointment for guidance on filing by mail or to come directly. Visa fees also vary by country. Some countries have many consulates, charge for each geographic region. So you should determine your correct consulate need. Photo: LHCP.

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6. When will need travel insurance? Experts suggest that investment in travel insurance is necessary for the trip from $ 5,000 upwards. Other factors such as limited special health should also be considered. If your health situation may lead to the trip cancellation insurance, the health will be a wise investment. However, if travel insurance do you feel secure about the trip, please buy it. Photo: veteranstodaymoney.

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7. What to do if the luggage is delayed? In case you arrive at the airport but have yet to baggage carousel, please immediately notify airline personnel. Each carrier has a service desk located in the baggage claim area, staff will help you investigate luggage numbers and make the statement. If you need to buy a few essential items missed by luggage, remember to keep the receipt for payment to the airline. If you buy a plane ticket with a credit card, contact your credit card company to check if your lost luggage have been paid or not. Photo: Telegraph.

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